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You can run an interactive contest with your customers on a smaller scale to create fun buzz around your brand. The latest flavor, Crispy Taco, generated millions of comments, likes, shares, views across the dozens of social media platforms. To show just how awesome some of the shots their customers are getting with their product are, they feature a customer photo on their social media pages every day.

All of the content they curate on social media is then added to their GoPro Award page where consumers can go to vote on the best customer photos and videos based on different criteria. GoPro has done a fabulous job and using user generated content to create continuous viral conversation around their product.

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The idea took off, and more customers wanted in. The coffee giant changed the contest slightly in to the RedCupArt challenge and timed it perfectly with the release of their feel-good holiday drinks. RedCupArt lit up Twitter and Instagram over the holidays, and Starbucks pivoted the challenge again with GiveGood in , encouraging customers to dedicate a cup to someone important to them.

High-end fashion house Calvin Klein appealed to the aspiring models in their fashion-forward audience with their MyCalvins campaign. Calvin Klein invited customers to model their favorite Calvin Klein attire and possibly win a social feature from the brand.


​User Generated Content (UGC) – Can U afford not to?

This user generated content example not only gave Calvin Klein free advertising across their social networks, but showed customer dedication, boosted their brand image as a high-end name, and displayed a wide variety of products. Adobe, maker of leading photo editing and illustrating programs, combined video tutorials with user generated content examples in their Art Maker Series.

Notable artists across the world show their artistic skills using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe products, in a series of high-speed videos. These user generated content examples also work as user testimonials, product demonstrations, and expert endorsements. Few brands leverage Instagram as well as AirBnB has. Understanding the popularity of travel photos on social media, as well as their key audience—Millennials—the affordable travel site went all-in on Instagram. A variety of hashtags gives AirBnB and endless supply of beautiful, user generated travel photos to fill their Instagram.

Nike uses a number of social media platforms and different profiles to keep up with athletic consumers across many different interests. Working with world-class female athletes as well as female customers around the world, Nike encouraged women to share their workout, fitness, and competitive goals and struggles.

With a powerful, positive message, exemplary leadership, and traditional and inbound marketing techniques, they generated interest across the social sphere and created a body-positive community for women. This campaign demonstrates that, as long as the product is somewhere in the content, direct relevance can sometimes take a backseat to online whimsy.

Be inspired by comments, shared images, videos, keywords, hashtags, etc. No longer trusting brand-speak, we research review sites and social media. We ask our peers, and we trust them. By including customer reviews, unboxing videos, etc.

User Generated Content

User-generated content encourages conversations with new consumers. Give it a whirl! The spike in June? It provides a steady stream of engaging and searchable content, and it keeps you up to date on trending tops that your audience is talking about. Here are 5 huge reasons why user-generated content should be part of your SEO strategy Google loves unique, authentic content. User-generated content is a great source of inspiration for your content strategy. Mine it for ideas. It will identify the questions consumers are asking about your product and your industry.

Long-tail keywords are search phrases with low-search competition. Use long-tail, and ranking highly is a whole lot easier. Phrases you may not have thought of. One of their tasks is to look for customer reviews and testimonials on your website. Once found, the search engine take over and rank your website. Search engines also check whether the content on your site is good. Is it trustworthy? Is it helpful? You optimize your website by including keywords in content and titles, alt-tabs, metas, getting backlinks from other sites, and cross-linking within your site. UGC reviews and testimonials talk about your products.

As well as increasing trust in your brand, they already include links and keyword phrases. These will strengthen your SEO. Adding to your social signals means your search visibility will increase. Trust will be enhanced and happy followers, will share, like, and comment. Increased engagement leads to increased traffic to your website from new consumers. Listen to online conversations. Find questions, issues, being raised about your brand.

We dismiss brand-speak. We check review sites. We research on social media.

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We ask our peers. Ambassador marketing, if you like. Set a time period for your UGC campaign, and track your performance. For instance Hitting different segments with tailored content. User-generated content you harvest, can then be used to target different segments or new audiences.

To make your UGC campaigns work, you have to understand the content creators, and the consumers influenced by it. To know your customers, use buyer personas. Use it to create your dream customer. Download my free buyer persona template! To convert. Do you know where your audience lives? Which social channel is favored? Do you know the networks where your UGC creators have the strongest influence? Plus, it makes you look desperate, random, amateurish, and other negative things. Not sure what kind of user-generated content works to post on your different social media channels?

Let images do the talking. We scroll through our Twitter feeds quickly, speed reading or ignoring text. What does stop us in our tracks are visuals.

3 Easy Steps to Awesome User-Generated Content

Images with UGC about brands are readily shared. A goldmine of consumer-generated content. Videos or photos, Instagram users love to demonstrate products in action. Show off their purchases. You will need to use Instagram analytics tools to find all the awesome UGC. Stories and videos work well on Facebook, particularly ones that have the potential to go viral.

They also bring more engagement. Finding unexpected user-generated content is great.

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Using image and video recognition. Creating Talkwalker Alerts.

Insights on Curated Content and User Generated Content on Social Media

The best ice cream on earth. Not all UGC is flattering to your brand.

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Identifying and tackling negative comments must also be a priority. If you want to generate user-generated content. Force it. Otherwise it could go horribly wrong.

1. Build Anticipation

All marketing campaigns have to be analyzed and measured, including your user-generated content campaigns. Use Talkwalker Analytics to monitor all channels and track engagement. Was your brand hashtag shared? What was the volume? What sentiment was generated by your UGC campaign - positive, negative? You must ask permission. Using a branded hashtag overcomes this, to some extent.